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Please refer to the original owner's manual provided with your unit for specific warranty terms and limitations, as the length of your warranty coverage is model specific for both parts and labour. Your warranty coverage begins from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required upon request.

If you would like to access the manual for your unit, please click here.

If your unit is out of warranty, please click here for a list of Hayward service providers closest to you.

Hayward warrants the unit free of defects in materials and workmanship for the specified warranty coverage period. Warranty does not include issues resulting from installation, accident, negligence, freezing, improper pool chemistry or conditions beyond the normal intended use of the unit, or acts of God.

CAT Controller Warranty Repairs

Hayward has available two CAT Controller repair centers to choose from when needing warranty repairs. These repair centers also provide out of warranty repairs at reasonable rates.

  • FC Electro Design (Canada East)
  • Eco Circuits (Canada West)

Warranty repair requests can be submitted by completing this form. Please make certain all field are filled in correctly. A proof of purchase will be required and can be uploaded with your request.

Once your request is reviewed, you will be provided with a service case number and shipping details.

Work performed; firmware update, replacement of all relays and defective component replacement if necessary.

Average repair turnaround time is 2 weeks.

CAT Loaner Program

When submitting your warranty repair requests, there is an option to request a loaner CAT system. This option is only available for CAT controllers during warranty repairs.

Hayward has a limited pool of controllers available thus making it very important that controllers are returned on time.

Loaner controllers are available for consignment for a period of three weeks. If circumstance dictate an extension, please contact Hayward for approval.

Due to limited pool, we cannot guarantee the same model or WIFI capabilities but with a similar that will maintain pool chemistry while repairs are being performed.


Failure to return a consigned CAT controller will result in suspension of further warranty support and invoiced for the controller.

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